Student Teacher – End of Year Gift

Student Teacher

I was lucky enough to work with a fabulous teacher candidate (student teacher) from ASU for the whole school year! She was fantastic! She was one of those student teachers who you could just tell had that natural teacher gene from the get-go.  I would not have survived this year without her and I’m so excited because she already has a job for the next school year! 

Since she was so wonderful, I wanted to do something extra special as a going away gift.  I collected donations from the students and was able to get her a very generous gift card to Lakeshore Learning so she could start working on getting items for her own classroom.  I also got her the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.” It was a class favorite so I had all of the kids sign a copy that she could have for her own classroom.  We also made her a memory book that had advice for her in her own classroom and also reasons why she was a great teacher.  Then, I wanted to do something as a thank you because she was seriously so helpful in keeping my classroom running this year. I remember how that first week or two of school with New Teacher Orientation and the first week can be incredibly rough.  I remember how I was at school until 8 most nights and the last thing I wanted to do was cook something for dinner. So, I made her a little gift card booklet to help her get through that first week.  See pictures below…

Our memory book binder…

My gift for her….

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