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For some reason…and I have never understood this…each computer program at school has to have a very different log-in for the kiddos.  Some are first initial, last name.  Some require half of the last name. Some require capitals and numbers etc. I have a hard time remembering my eight billion log-ins and I know it’s no different from kids.  Last year I started a log-in card system that worked beautifully! I’m using it again this year and it is a lifesaver!

I start out by printing out labels for each program we have. This year we have AR, MobyMax, Pearson Realize, and Spelling City.  I have one page of address labels per app.  I label it with the title of the app and leave a blank spot by username and password. Then, I fill in the eight million different user names and passwords on the labels and stick them to the cards with the student’s name label on it. Voila- easy access. I hang it by the front white board and students can refer to it as needed, take it to their seats, etc.  It has saved me a lot of time and makes it easier for kids to be more independent with logging in to the computer program.

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