Quick Tip – Passing Back Student Work


Passing back graded work is often a dreaded task for teachers. We already spent time grading it and certain days it fills like it’s a mountain of paperwork. Then, that mountain needs to be passed out.
The last few years I’ve used a system that has really worked easily for me.  Now, I didn’t invent this.  So, I’m not taking credit, but I wanted to share it in case passing back work has become a nightmare for you and you’re looking for a way to make it a little easier.
So, I use one of those college crates from Target. I put in hanging file folders and have on with each child’s name on it. It sits on top of my iPad cart at just the perfect level for standing and filing.  I have a file where I put graded work and as I have time throughout the day, I file a few things in student’s hanging file folders. Again…not rocket science…but it has served me well for years!
In addition to the student work folder and the individual student folders, I have a folder for our reading logs that the kids do weekly and a folder for notes and homework. This makes pack up a breeze because everything is right there!
Just a quick tip to share with you today! How do you pass back student work???

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