Place Value Strategy for Problem Solving

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We’ve been working through the story problems in my October Story Problem Packet, which can be found on TPT here.  There are a variety of add to, take from, part/part whole, and multiplication and division problems. We’ve been focusing on the straightforward addition and subtraction problems so far, but this week we’re going to try some of the others.

Here are some of our problems…

Prompt: ___ spiders were hanging from the web.  _____ more spiders crawled over.  How many spiders are in the web now?  Number Choices: (23, 20), (43, 41), (67, 52)



What I love about these is students can choose a number choice that works for them. One that challenges them, but doesn’t challenge them so much they get frustrated.  I also love seeing all of the kids using the place value model to solve their problem. We’ve been doing a lot of review of place value with tens and ones and I’m happy to see them applying it to story problems too.
If you’re interested in some October Story Problems to use in your class, check out my packet on TPT here.
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