New Place Value Products

I’m so excited to share some new Place Value products that I have been working on this summer. These are perfect for Fall as most of us start our math units teaching or reviewing place value.  Both of these are geared towards second grade.
In Read It, students are practicing reading numbers out loud. One of our standards (we use ERB) is for students to be able to correctly read up to 5-digit numbers.  Read It is differentiated and includes practice with 2-digit up to 6-digit numbers.  This is a partner or independent activity. Students can take turns reading the numbers to each other and then pick a new card.

In Write It, students are practicing reading and writing numbers. First, students read the number on the card, which is written in word form. Then, they write the number in standard form on their recording sheet.  Write It includes 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. This activity is best used as Around the Room.
Both activities offer a color version and a black and white version.  Check them out in my TPT store by clicking on the pictures below.  

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