New Clip Chart!

Behavior System, Clip Chart

I finally have made my new Clip Chart for my new classroom.  I went simple with just the traditional colors, but I love how it turned out. There’s just something about a fresh new Clip Chart – weird I know, but it must be a teacher thing.  This year instead of clothespins with names on the side, I’m going to use student numbers.  So, I’ll put the odd numbers on one side and the even on the other, so there is enough room in the “Ready to Learn” section.  Still need to laminate the chart, but here are a few pictures below..

To find out more about how I use the Clip Chart, see this blog post here.

Colored paper all cut and glued!

Brand new Clip Chart.  Sorry at home so all I had to hang it on was the door to the garage :-).
Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
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