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Google Classroom™ users, I have an amazing Google Chrome™ extension to share with you today! As a virtual teacher leaving feedback on assignments in Google Classroom™ is one of my many tasks. I was finding typing feedback to be a little stale and a little impersonal. In the past with in-person teaching, I was able to of course leave written feedback, but also often would give feedback to the child in-person too. That is obviously a little difficult to do with virtual teaching! The Mote extension has come to my rescue!

Mote is an extension through Google Chrome™ that lets you leave voice feedback through Google Classroom™. I currently use the free option that allows you to leave a 30 second audio message and that has worked perfectly. (They do have paid upgrade options). What I love about this is the feedback feels more personal. Even though I’m not seeing the child face-to-face when giving the feedback, the voice touch adds a more personal feeling to it and the kids love it! They can even leave me a voice message reply to my feedback!

Have you used it before? What are your favorite extensions?

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