Morning Meeting Remix

Morning Meeting
I love using Morning Meeting in my classroom to start our day and have done a little remix to how I lay it out each week. Check out my Morning Meeting series for how to set it up here
I still follow all four parts of Morning Meeting – Greeting, Share, Activity, and Morning Message. The part I’ve changed or mixed up is the focus area for those four parts. For the first half of the school year, Morning Meeting was academic, but a bit all over. Some weeks I covered a lot of math topics during the message and activity and some weeks a lot of reading or writing.  I decided to set a routine in place to help make sure I cover all of the areas each week. I’m also now throwing in more content to try to maximize my time – since there is never enough time in the day.
Here’s my new schedule…
Monday – Math Monday
The activity and message fit around math topics. It could be review, it could be building background for new content. Either way – it’s all math!
Tuesday – Fluency and Phonics Fun
I’ve had a hard time fitting in fluency whole group, so now it is a part of activity on Tuesdays. We also discuss our phonics focus during the morning message and greeting.
Wednesday – More Math…
This day has been about fact fluency during the activity and review during the message.
Thursday – Vocabulary
Vocabulary is another area that I touch on, but haven’t given enough time.  Now that vocabulary is our focus on Thursdays, I tailor our greeting, activity, and message to it. For example, when students greet each other they have to also use one of their weekly vocab words in a sentence. I’ve also found a ton of fun vocabulary games for them to play during the activity.
Friday – Fix It Friday
Another skill we always need to review is grammar and editing. On Friday, our morning message sentence always needs to be fixed. This gives us a chance to review editing skills and continue to add in new grammar skills as we go.

FREE Morning Meeting Planner

Picture of Morning Meeting Schedule
Being the planner that I am, I found that I was needing something to organize my Morning Meetings to make them easier to use and remember from year to year. I created this planning page to help me stay on track and plan out my weekly meetings. This is a FREEBIE that you can sign up for HERE. In addition the planner, you’ll also get a cheat sheet with a few ideas for each of the Morning Meeting components. Enjoy!
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