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Here is another schema chart that we completed yesterday. This idea and chart set-up comes from Debbie Miller’s book, Reading with Meaning, which you hear me praise a lot on my blog. 

Yesterday, we read the story Oliver Button is a Sissy.


 This book touches on a bunch of issues, but is a great one to use because at some point in these kids lives they will either be teased or have already been teased and this book definitely touches on that subject.  As I read the book, I shared my connections to the story – text to self.  When I finished reading, I had students pair share to share out their connections sitting eye-to-eye and knee-to-knee. They had a lot of great connections to this book. Then, we completed the chart seen below.  To help kids get used to providing part of the text along with their connection we use the frame “When I heard the part about _____. (which is from the text)  It reminded me of _____.(their own personal connection)”  The kids are really starting to get the hang of sharing out their connections like this.

On Monday, you’ll see this story again, but paired with Amazing Grace.  Then, we’ll be working on text-to-text connections using a double bubble thinking map.

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