More Schema…Independent Practice Time

Debbie Miller, Reading, Reading with Meaning

Wow…have the last few weeks gotten away from me. I’ve taken pictures while at school, but the whole blogging thing when I got home hasn’t been happening. So, now it’s time to play catch up!

After practicing schema and text to self connections a few times whole group and through guided instruction, it was now time for independent practice.  I picked the story Ira Sleeps Over. First of all, it’s just a great story, but there are also a lot of great connection possibilities in there. Most kids have been to a sleep over, have a special stuffed animal, mean sister, or are scared of ghost stories.  Love the book and the kids loved it too (surprisingly a lot of my students hadn’t heard this one).  So, I read the story aloud and shared my connections via think aloud. Then, students pair shared their connections with each other. After sharing with each other, they wrote their own connections out still following the “When I heard the part about… it reminded me of…”  They did a great job! See an a few examples below.

“When I heard the part about Ira sleeps over, it reminded me of sleeping over at my cousins.”

“When I heard the part about Ira and Reggie were having a sleep over, it reminded me of when I went to my BFF house.” I love how she put my BFF’s house! How cute!
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