Mental Math Ideas – 2.NBT.8

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Here’s one of the packets I’ve had waiting in my TPT file to finish and update with picture of my kids in action.  This TPT packet focuses on the math standard – 2.NTB.8 – Mental math adding and subtracting 10 and 100 from any number 0-999.  We did this lesson later in the year which I debated was the right timing.  However, I’m glad I waited.  By April/May, my kids had a stronger foundation with number sense for 3 digit numbers so they had an easier time understanding that the only number changing is either in the tens or hundreds spot depending on if you are adding or subtracting by 10 or 100. 
Here are some pictures of my kids playing the Mental Math +/- 10 Bingo. They had a great time playing!

Here’s another game in my Mental Math Packet.  This game is called “Solve It.” Students flip over a number card.  Then, students flip over a +/- card that tells them to either add or subtract 10 or 100 to the number. Then, students record the number sentence on the recording sheet and solve the problem using mental math.

Here’s my pack on TPT – Be sure to check it out – Mental Math Practice
Mental Math Practice - 2.NBT.8
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