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Back to School Season is quickly approaching!! Today I wanted to share with you a tip for Meet the Teacher.  Meet the Teacher is an event that takes place before the first day where the kids come in see the classroom and most importantly – meet you! Some schools call it Orientation or Open House – either way this tip will still apply to you!

Meet the Teacher can be a chaotic day.  You have all of your new students and their families coming in and they always seem to come in waves!  And of course they tend to all come at the same time.  I don’t know about you, but I do find it tricky to try to navigate this situation. You want to make sure everyone feels welcome, gets equal time with you, and gets the info they need for the start of the school year. This can be tricky!  It is hard to give everyone equal time when you have multiple families in there at once!  So definitely move around the room and make sure you touch base with everyone.

My tip though is to make sure that everyone gets the info they need for the start of the school year. As I mentioned, your time with each new family goes quickly! Families often want to talk specifically about their child and don’t always get in to the basic school details.  So, I play a PowerPoint during Meet the Teacher. It’s just a few simple slides that play on loop throughout the whole day.  These slides as you’ll see below have the basic info that every parent needs for the first day.  This also saves you from repeating yourself a billion times about some of those details….

Here are the slides I include:

As you can see this PowerPoint isn’t fancy, but it is useful!  Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook page for more Back to School ideas!



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