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Math Rotations have easily become my favorite way to teach math! With rotations I am better able to meet the needs of all of my learners, provide practice and review, and continue to teach the same standards in differentiated ways.

I have written multiple blog posts on this topic over the years and wanted to share them with you in one spot so everything will be easy to find.

Math Rotations Blog Posts

  • The Why Behind Math Rotations – Great background information to see the various benefits of using rotations in your classroom.
  • Math Rotation Groups – Tips for how to create your groups so that your math block will run smoothly. Includes how I group the students, the number of groups I use, and how I keep the groups flexible to meet my students needs.
  • Initial Set-Up – In this post, you’ll learn how I set-up, plan, and start Math Rotations in the classroom.
  • Mini-Lessons – Ideas and tips for mini-lessons to use at the beginning of your math session.
  • Management Tips – Tips and ideas for how to make sure your rotations run smoothly so you are able to focus on your small groups.
  • Teacher Time Ideas – In this post, you’ll see a variety of ideas for what you can do with your students when they come to you for the teacher/small group instruction part of the math rotation.
  • Seat Work Ideas – Ideas for what your students can work on independently during the rotations while you are pulling small groups and students are completing the other parts of the rotation.
  • Tech Time Ideas – Different apps and websites that you can use during your math time.
  • Game/Activity Ideas – Engaging activities and games for students to work on individually, with a partner, or with a small group during one of the rotations.
  • Math Rotations Wrap-Up – A few last minute tips and ideas for resources that can be used during your rotations.

FREE Math Rotations Planner

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Math Rotations can seem a little overwhelming at first especially when you are trying to differentiated to meet the needs of all of your students. To help make this easier, I’ve created this digital or printable planning sheet that you can use to plan out your whole rotation for the day – standards, mini-lesson, rotation activities, and differentiated small group activities. This is a FREEBIE that you can sign up for HERE. Happy math planning!

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