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I blogged about this last year, but wanted to update it for the new year and also explain a little more about how I used this.  Last year, I started using a math plan and reading plan binder. I’ll blog about the reading one tomorrow.  I found this binder so helpful when doing long range planning and then to use for the weekly lesson plans as well. 

Here’s what’s inside…


Tabs – Standards, Calendar, Plans, Book Ideas, School Mapping

First up, the standards. The basis for planning. I’ve updated this with  my new school’s standards since they don’t use Common Core.  All the standards are in here and easy to read in a cute font (all of us teachers love our fonts…don’t we?)

Next up, the calendar. Here’s a picture from last year. I mainly used this calendar to map out each quarter.  I liked having the monthly calendar in here because it made it easier to see the bigger picture.  After mapping a quarter out, then I could use this calendar to then focus in on the weekly plans which we had to do online at my old school.

Here’s my new calendar for this school year. Blank, but it’ll be full before I know it.  I purchased this calendar in A Modern Teacher’s Refill Calendar Pack. Check out her TPT Store, here.

After the calendar, I have the plans tab. In this tab, I have standards broken down into days. This is where I map out the actually lessons, ideas, books, videos, etc to use to teach a standard. I also pull from this to write my actual weekly lesson plans.

My book ideas tab is empty for now.  Need to find some great math book lists!

Last tab is my school’s math mapping. They set down last year and figured out what the different standards would look like in the different grade levels. Since they don’t use Common Core they had to narrow down the specifics for each grade. 

Thanks for checking out how I use my math planning binder.  Tomorrow I’ll explain how I use my reading one!
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