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Literacy Stations
Today I’m sharing some ideas of what I include in my Vocabulary Station. I have had a Vocabulary Station in my 2nd grade classroom, but haven’t used one in earlier grades yet.  These ideas would be great for 2nd-4th grade students.
When I have used Vocabulary Station, I often use it with our reading vocabulary words. Each week we have a different story and each story has it’s own set of 8-10 vocabulary words. I have these words posted in the classroom and we go over them throughout the week.  At Vocabulary Station, students may complete the I Can activities using those words.  You could also have students use these activities with vocabulary words from math, science, social studies, etc.
Here are the I Can options for Vocabulary Station:
  • I can create and play a memory game (Matching Game) with my words and definitions.
  • I can write a story using my vocabulary words.
  • I can find synonyms and antonyms for the vocabulary words.
  • I can create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary words and definitions.
  • I can create a vocabulary flip book.
Memory/Matching Game – Here is the I Can card for this activity…
Vocabulary Flip Book…
On the front of the flip book/flap book, students pick 4 vocabulary words to use and write one on each flap.
On the inside, under each flap, students use the word in a sentence.  You could also have students write the definition.
On the back, students draw a picture to represent each word.


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