I Have Ants in My Pants

Book - I Have Ants in my Pants - by Julia Cook

I absolutely love any book by Julia Cook and her newest book is also amazing! I Have Ants in My Pants is about a boy named Louis who has a difficult time sitting still – hence he has ants in his pants. Everyone keeps telling Louis this and he keeps checking to see if there are ants in his pants, but there aren’t any. His mom fills him in that the saying doesn’t mean he has ants in his pants, it means that he has a hard time sitting still. Louis’s mom then provides him strategies to help him control his body including: a wiggle dance and a personal space bubble.

This book is a must for any classroom, teacher, or counselor! Many students struggle with sitting still and this book is a great way to discuss impulse control and also provide students with strategies to help them control it.

Grab your copy today from the National Center for Youth Issues >>> HERE or on Amazon >>> HERE. (This is an affiliate link.)

Happy reading!

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