How To Assign Work on Google Classroom™

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With distance learning and the rise of 1 to 1 devices in the classroom, Google Classroom™ is a lifesaver! What I love about it is I’m able to assign my students a project or assignment through a Google App™, they complete it, and they can submit it back to me! It is the best thing ever!

Here are a few simple steps for adding a resource or assignment to Google Classroom™.

Step 1

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Go to Google Classroom™. Click on “Classwork.” Then click “Create.” Then click “Assignment.”

Step 2

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In the assignment section, give your assignment a title and provide directions for your students.

Step 3

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Click “Add” at the bottom of the assignment section and select Google Drive™. Find the file in your Drive™ and double click to add this resource to Google Classroom™.

Step 4

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Next, decide how you want students to interact with the resource.  Choose “View,” “Edit,” or “Make a Copy.”  You most likely will not want to choose edit since that will allow students to edit your original file.  Make a copy gives students their own copy to work on and will not edit your original file.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are assigning a Google Form™, you do not need to make a copy for each student. They will receive their own copy by default.

Step 5

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To finish, click “Assign” in the top corner.  This resource should now show up in each student’s own Google Classroom™. 

Digital Resources

Digital resources are a great way to use Google Apps™ and assign work for distance learning or work with technology. Check out some of my digital resources that can be used with Google Classroom™.

Picture of Digital Opinion Writing Prompts resource

Digital Opinion Writing Prompts are the digital version of my popular printable writing prompts. It includes 30 different opinion writing prompts. Teachers can choose to assign a specific prompt, give students a choice between 2 or 3, or can let students choose their own prompt. The prompts are in Google Slides™ and can be used with Google Classroom™.

Picture of Nouns Digital Practice resource

Nouns Digital Practice gives students a chance to practice identifying nouns and making singular nouns plural. This is available in two different formats – Google Forms™ (self-grading) and Google Slides™ (task cards with printable recording sheet). This is the digital version of my printable Nouns Around the Room Resource.

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