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Every Friday this summer I am sharing some of my favorite things with you! The month of July is focused on technology and academic areas.

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Today I’m excited to share with some of my favorite teaching supplies! I’ve always loved office supplies. Even when I was a kid I loved looking at all of the pretty pens and papers in the office supply stores. Maybe that was my early calling to be a teacher as we get to work with office/school supplies often! Below are some of my favorites that I use every school year….

Scotch Laminator – This is a must have and I don’t know what I did before owning one. Yes, you can use the school laminator, but we all know how that goes. There is a line, it’s broken, it’s out of film, etc.  Having your own makes life easier and everything always looks pretty laminated!
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Flair Pens – This is another must for most teachers I know. Flair Pens are the best pens in my opinion. They are bright and colorful and write so nicely! I love using them for everything at school and at home!
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PaperPro Stapler – This is one of the best staplers I’ve ever bought. A simple push makes it staple easily! Hanging things on the wall is also easier too, but you have to be careful because it opens up to staple on the wall in a funky way. But, once you get the hang of it, it works so well!
Image result for paper pro stapler

Ticonderoga Pencils – Best pencils ever! We have different pencils that we have to use at our school and they drive me crazy. They’re always breaking and take forever to sharpen. Ticondergoa are the best ones. And, they even have packages where they come pre-sharpened!
Image result for ticonderoga pencils

Chart Paper – I love to use Anchor Charts in my classroom and my bulletin boards and walls are typically covered with them. So, chart paper is a necessity! I know some people like the sticky post-it chart paper, but I personally prefer they regular good, old plain chart paper.
Image result for chart paper

White Board Kidney Table – So I know you can’t see the whole table, but this shows you how awesome it is to have a white board table. It makes pulling small groups so easy and the kids can do their math work, writing work, phonics work, etc right there on the table. The kids think it’s fun too!  They have different sizes and shapes.  I have a kidney shaped and rectangle shaped white board table in my classroom.

Post-It Notes – I use Post-It’s for everything! We use them to respond to our morning message, as bookmarks, to write notes, to do lists, etc. I can never have enough!
Image result for post it notes

Sit Spots – I had been a classroom rug user before, but after getting Sit Spots this past fall I’ve switched over to Team Sit Spots.  These are easier to keep clean than a rug and you aren’t tripping over them. I can’t tell you how many times my old classroom rug would get a bump in it or get stuck on something and I ended up tripping over it.  The Sit Spots are bright, colorful and you can position them wherever you want!  Love it!

Plastic Storage Containers – Oh Sterilite- with how many plastic containers I own, I should buy stock in your company. I know I’m not alone in the hoarding of storage containers, I know there are many teachers who join me in this obsession. And, you can never have enough! If you see them on sale, you have to buy them because you never know when you’ll need it. I have containers in all shapes and sizes and they are amazing for organization!
What are some of your favorite must-have teaching supplies? Comment below.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my favorite supplies! Next week I’ll be sharing my favorite Back to School/First Week of School books.

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