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 How many of you have had parents ask for suggestions of things there kids can do over the summer so they don’t forget or fall behind? I’ve had that countless times, which is why I created the Summer Resources Sheet below – which is End of the Year – Tip #4!
The Summer Resources sheet contains information, ideas, websites, activity books, etc for parents to use to help their kids stay on top of school stuff over summer break.  Every year I update it and make sure the websites fit things my students use in the classroom and then I email it out the last week of school. I’ve had many parents email me saying they appreciate the ideas and suggestions. This can be pretty quick to pull together and I use lots of ideas and websites that we already use – so it didn’t take a lot of hunting and digging for new things! 
**I apologize for the blurriness of the screenshots below…
I also send home a list of book suggestions from Scholastic. As you can see, this is from 2009, however it still has great book suggestions and again gives parents and students ideas of things to work on over the summer.

Hope you found this tip helpful! Stay tuned for the last tip…next Wednesday!

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