Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom

For the past few years, we’ve had an elf visit our 2nd grade classroom during the month of December.  Each time my class has come up with a different name for our little friend. We’ve had Sparky, Buddy, Snowy, and this year they decided to name him Gold. The elf always does something funny or naughty, and also always writes a note to our class. In our note, the elf always reminds us of the good choices we should be making.
Below are some of my favorite elf adventures from the past few years…
Our little elf friend came back from the North Pole with a cold or flu.  He had to rest all day, but still had a good spot to keep an eye on everyone’s behavior.

Snowy the Elf decided he wanted to be part of the decorations.  On our tree, we had ornaments with each student’s face on them. Snowy decided to take over.  

Here we have Snowy again. He decided to call no math homework for the night and even cut up all of the homework. The kids couldn’t believe it!

Our elf Sparky loved his name. He loved his name so much that he decided to decorate our room with it.

Here is Buddy the Elf. Poor Buddy was climbing a tower of unifix cubes the day before and fell when he tried to get down.  He had to rest and keep his leg elevated for the day.

Here we have Buddy again. Buddy decided his own behavior was outstanding and brought his own clip for the clip chart. He challenged the whole class to try to clip up that day.

Each week I have a different student who is star student and they fill in and share the poster above. Buddy didn’t want to be left out so he created his own star student poster to share with the class.

Here we have Sparky leaving us some friendly reminders…
I love having the elf visit our classroom. Do you have an elf in your classroom? If so, comment below!
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