3 ELA Morning Meeting Activities Your Students Will Love

Morning Meeting
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Morning Meeting Activities are an important component to the morning meeting routine.  The activity portion is a great way to review academic skills, build classroom community, and more.

Morning Meeting itself is extremely beneficial in the elementary classroom because it…

  • Starts the day off in a positive way
  • Provides an opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills
  • Eases students into the day
  • Is a fun and engaging way to start the morning

While the activity component can be a great time to play fun games, it can also be a time to review academic skills or start to introduce new ones.  I love using ELA activities during Morning Meeting so my students can continue to get even more practice with various language arts standards.

Here are three of my favorite ELA activities for students to work on during Morning Meeting.

Story Starter

Photo of Story Starter from Morning Meeting activities - Picture with words - 3, 2, 1 - Blast off! The rocket ship was headed to...

Story Starter is always a class favorite when it comes to Morning Meeting Activities. For this activity, I give the students a start to the story and then they finish it. I’ve done this activity together as a class, had students work in groups or with a partner to write their story, or work independently.  I always tell students they can use their imagination, but have to keep it appropriate for school! They love being able to be creative with their storytelling!

Here are a few example story starters

  • 3, 2, 1 – The rocket ship blasted off and then….
  • I jumped off the bus and then…
  • The snowman came to life and then…
  • My car started flying and then…

Word Ladder

Photo of word ladder activity with a blue pen - words written in a vertical line are bat, bet, bed, fed, fad, dad, sad

Word Ladder is a great way for students to practice their phonics skills. For word ladder, I choose a starting word and then students create new words from that word. But, the trick is- they can only change one letter each time! 

For example – cat, bat, bet, met, mat, hat, hit, bit, bin, fin

For this activity, I like to try to pick a starting word that focuses on our current phonics skills – short vowels, digraphs, etc so students can continue to get practice with words focused on those skills.

For this game, you can play as a whole class, in a partnership or group, or independently. Their goal is to create as many real words as they can.

Word Creator

Photo of Word Creator board for morning meeting activities.
Photo of white board and white board marker with words written from Word Creator board.

Word Creator is another great opportunity for students to practice phonics skills and building words.  Students are given a grid of letters and have to create words with those letters. The trick in this activity is the letters have to be touching. I typically have students do this activity independently and tell them they’re trying to beat their score from last time. I remind students they can come up with one-letter, two-letter, three-letter, four-letter, five-letter words, and more! 


Photo of example of Free Morning Meeting Activities - Picture of Story Starter

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