Differentiation in WW – Tip #7 – Anchor Charts

Writing Workshop

Another easy way to differentiate during Writing Workshop is Anchor Charts.  I love using Anchor Charts in the classroom for all subjects…including Writing Workshop.

Anchor charts are charts created with the class and left up for them to refer back to.  As I differentiate my lessons based on my student’s needs, I create anchor charts to go along with those lessons.  If we are working on when to capitalize – we’ll create an anchor for that. If we are working how to organize our writing, we’ll create a chart for that.  The great part about these is they are available for the kids to look at the rest of the year. Once I create a chart it hangs on our wall and students are able to go look at it, flip through them, etc. This can help kiddos who need reminders or might need to review a past skill.  You could also take a picture of your anchor charts and put those pictures into binders for your students to refer back to.


Stay tuned…on Monday I’ll be sharing about Strategy Cards as a tool for differentiation!


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