Differentiation in WW – Tip #4 – Mid-Workshop Interruption

Writing Workshop

Today I’m sharing my fourth tip for differentiation during Writing Workshop.  The Writing Workshop model is set-up as such – mini-lesson, time to write and confer, mid-workshop interruption, and sharing.  The mid-workshop interruption provides another opportunity for differentiation for your class.

Mid-workshop interruption is where you interrupt your writers about halfway through their writing time to make a suggestion or share a tip/reminder.   If you have the Units of Studies book, Lucy provides ideas for the mid-workshop interruption.  If you don’t have it, you can create your own.  Often I will reiterate the point of that days lesson, but I also will differentiate and share a tip or suggestion based on something I notice when I’m conferring that day.  Again this is one more quick way to differentiate Writing Workshop to meet the needs of your class.  I might use the interruption to remind students to re-read their writing for clarity, add details, or make sure they are staying focused on their topic or small moment.


Today’s tip was super quick. Check back on Thursday for a tip about differentiating with a word wall.


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