Differentiation in WW – Tip #3 – Paper and Topic Choice

Writing Workshop

Today for my differentiation in Writing Workshop tip I am talking all about choice!  Writing Workshop provides lots of opportunities for choice which is a part of differentiation.

Paper choice is one part of Writing Workshop.  I always provide multiple paper book formats so students can choose which one they want to use.  I choose different paper formats and within that variety there are some with opportunities to draw more and/or write more.  Then kids can choose a paper/booklet they feel comfortable using.  For students who are ready to write more, they can choose the paper with all lines or more room for writing. For a student who is struggling, they might choose a paper with less lines and more room to sketch their picture.

Topic choice is another part of Writing Workshop. I love that the kids get to choose what they write about.  There is a time and place for writing prompts, but during Writing Workshop they pick the topic.  During narratives, they can write about events in their life.  During informational writing, they can write lab reports about experiments they have done or reports about topics they are interested in and that they picked to research.  For opinion writing, they can pick topics they want to share their opinion about.  Students are more engaged when they are writing about something they are interested in!


Thanks for checking out my tips today.  On Monday I’ll share my differentiation tip for the mid-workshop interruption.


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