Differentiated Multiplication Story Problems

At the beginning of January, we started our multiplication unit in second grade. So far, we spent a lot of time working on the conceptual understanding of multiplication. We’ve learned various strategies (groups, arrays, repeated addition, skip counting), practiced lots on the white boards, and played some games. 
After all of that practice, it was time to focus on story problems.  Now that the kids have a grasp on multiplication they need to work on applying it to real-life problems. I created two sets of story problems for them to work on.  One set is for my students who are still working on the basic facts and focuses on factors to 12.  The second set is a challenge set for my students who are flying through the basic facts. The challenge set has two-digits by one-digit multiplication problems.  
Factors to 12 Story Problems
Great use of skip counting to solve the multiplication problem!
Challenge Problems – Dealing with multiplying two-digits and even a few three-digits by one-digit.
I love having differentiated story problems for my students to work on. I always want to challenge kids when they’re ready and love having the option to do so. I also like to keep things looking the same, so it’s not as obvious that the cards are different. This way everyone thinks they’re working on the same thing, while really they’re working on what they need.
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