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Does it drive you crazy when you get asked, “Teacher – what’s my computer log-in for….?”  If you answered yes, you are not alone! Computer log-ins are even frustrating for adults. Every log-in requires different things and it can be hard to keep them straight. So I have two computer log-in card ideas to share with you today to help save your sanity in the classroom!

Computer Log-In Card #1

I used this version a few years ago. I started out by printing out labels for each program we have. That year we had AR, MobyMax, Pearson Realize, and Spelling City.  I have one page of address labels per app.  I label it with the title of the app and leave a blank spot by username and password. 

Then, I fill in the eight million different user names and passwords on the labels and stick them to the cards with the student’s name label on it. Voila- easy access. 

I hang it by the front white board and students can refer to it as needed, take it to their seats, etc.  It has saved me a lot of time and makes it easier for kids to be more independent with logging in to the computer program.

Computer Log-In Card #2

This card version my teammate created and we both used it this year. We created a template in PowerPoint with each program and then a spot for username and password.  We then duplicated the page so we could type in the information for each student. We fit 4 cards to a page so we had multiple copies.  One copy was taped inside their supply box for school, one copy was sent home for homework, one was kept in their take-home folder, and I kept the final one.

Photo of computer log-in card example.

Hope this tip helps make your log-in life at school a little easier!

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