Compare and Contrast – Part 2

Reading, Thinking Maps

After spending time comparing and contrasting objects, we moved on to comparing people.  To introduce comparing and contrasting people, my student teacher and I decided to have the kids compare us.  So we gave them some time to come up with similarities and differences and then had them share out.  They know us pretty well and some of their responses were pretty funny. For example, one of my kids said the student teacher wears make-up and I don’t. Little do they know I do and it would be a scary sight if I didn’t lol.  To chart our similarities and differences we used a double bubble – see below…

The next day we gave the kids a chance to complete a double bubble map with a friend. Since they saw the student teacher and I model the double bubble the day before, they were familiar with the activity.  They had a lot of fun seeing what was similiar and different about each other and did a great job working together and completing a double bubble map.  See examples below…

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