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I’m excited to share my classroom with you today! Many things are the same as last year, but I have added some things and can’t wait to tell you all about my room!  My room is prime real estate at my school because I have 4 windows! Yes – 4 good sized windows. I love the natural light. In addition to 4 windows, I have a great view of the Las Vegas Strip from one of my windows. I definitely hit the jackpot with classrooms!

Here is the bulletin board I have right outside my classroom. I typically create a simple bulletin like this for Meet the Teacher and the first week of school. Then, I turn it into my student work board. I use ribbon and hang the student work with clothespins. The clothespins make it super easy to change work out.
This is one of my favorite bulletin boards of all time – My Instagram Board.  I have each month of school on the board and then will put pictures from that month under the label.  I love this because it’s a great way to capture memories throughout the year and showcase them in a timeline of sorts.
Here’s the view when you walk in my classroom. As you can see, many windows (and you can only see 2 of them). I love windows because you can see out and don’t feel enclosed, but also because it provides a lot of natural light. In the afternoons, we’re often able to work with the lights off because of how bright it is from the outside light.
Here you can also see my desks. I currently have 15 students, but decided to use 16 desks and put them in groups of 4. I like students to be grouped together because I will often have students work with teams and partners and I want them to be able to collaborate.
I won’t show you the inside of my closet because it’s not pretty lol – but it is better since I cleaned some stuff out last spring. The plastic bags are my “buckets” for bucketfilling. Each child has a bucket that will hold positive notes.
Here is my back wall. Students use the cubbies to hold books, lunches, snacks, etc. They then hang their backpacks on the hooks. As you can see, I have my job chart back here and my Brag Tag display.
Here is my reading area.  From this angle, you can see the picture book section of my library. My bulletin board is blank, but that is on purpose. I use lots of anchor charts so this will become full as I make those with my class.
Here you can see the rest of my library. I have the books in bins divided by catagories – nonfiction, animal, Judy Moody, Cam Jansen, Mystery, etc.
Here is my Writing Bulletin Board. Again it is blank because I like to have the students help me create the anchor charts that will be displayed. I also have a section of this board called “Spotlight On…” This area is to spotlight student writing. I pick a focus area like adding details and then pin up student work that is strong in this area.
I love, love, love, love my white board kidney table. This is my small group area and the white board table makes life much easier!
The white board is where I list our homework. Students have planners that they copy the homework and due dates into.  The cards below are the Literacy Station Task Cards.
So, my desk area is a little messy – and it always is! I have a hard time coming up with a system that keeps it clean, but I always try to figure something out every year.
Behind my desk, I have some great organizational tools. I love using the 3-drawer Sterilite containers for storing my items for the week. It’s super easy and makes life easier when you have a sub. I also love my toolbox! This helps keep everything in it’s place!
I use this table to keep things that I’m working on with the kids that day. This table also holds my JustStand. I use the JustStand to hold my iPad and use my iPad like a document camera!
Here’s my main white board. We also have a projector which makes life easy!  I also have my word wall under the white board. I love that the students have easy access to the words and can take them with them to their desk when they need help with spelling.
I have a second white board table! This is also used for small groups. We are very lucky as we have learning support teachers who come in during small group time. They pull a group at this table, I pull a group at my kidney table, and the rest of the students are working on independent activities.
In this corner you can see my Essential Questions. I have these posted for students to refer to. You can also see the side of my math manipulative storage area.
Here is my math and supply area. Again the bulletin board has a blank space so that I can put anchor charts up.  I have my math manipulatives on one side and supplies (crayons, markers, scissors, etc) on the other. All are stored in containers with labels to make finding things easy.
Here is the last area in my classroom – we kind of made a little circle in this blog tour. I have many different things stored here. The top shelf has math and literacy games stored in bins by topics.  The second and third shelf have books that I use when teaching. These books are organized by topic and teaching area.  The fourth shelf has my writing station materials.  On the ground, which you can’t see, I store my math station bins.
That was a lengthy post, but thank you for staying with me. I hope you enjoyed a peek at my classroom/home away from home!
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    Erin Sadler
    March 15, 2018 at 11:50 pm

    I LOVE those white board tables. I have black tables so we use chalk markers from time to time, but it just isn’t the same.

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      June 5, 2019 at 2:45 am

      Great idea!
      Jordan – Team J’s Classroom Fun

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