Classroom Organization Tip – Math Games/Activities

So over the course of my ten years of teaching, I’ve collected a lot, a lot, a lot of materials! Things I’ve made, bought, found on TPT, etc.  It got to the point where file folders weren’t working to store the materials  because some items were too large and many items fell out. So, I went to my trusty bins.  If you don’t know me, I love plastic bins. Like I have a problem. I should probably go to plastic bins anonymous.  I have many bins, yet if I see a cute one – I have to have it!
Anyways….so the bins came to the rescue. I decided to store my math games/activities, literacy station activities, book studies, etc in these bins.  Then, last year I finally got around to labeling them so it wasn’t a guessing game as to what bin I pulled off the shelf. It has worked wonderfully! When I’m teaching the place value unit, I just pull down the place value bin and all of my games, activities, and stations are in there ready to go!
Sneak peek inside of my place value bin!

Just a quick tip, but I had to pass it along because it’s helped me keep all of my math items/units organized!

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