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In an effort to simplify my life and make classroom jobs easier to manage, I’ve decided to only change jobs once a month.  So each student has their job for one whole month!  In the past, I changed jobs weekly.  This was difficult for 2 reasons. 1 – I often forgot to change them on Monday, which would then turn into Tuesday and students only had jobs for a few days.  2. -The kids often forgot what job was their job and didn’t have that down until Thursday or Friday and by that time it was almost time for the new week and time to switch.
I saw many teachers on Pinterest and through blogging that change it once a month and I definitely see the perks! Kids have a chance to become really good at their job.  Kids know exactly what their job is and know it’s their job since they have it for a whole month.  And, it takes one thing off my plate every week since I only have to change jobs once a month.
Since I decided to do jobs differently, I also made a new job chart.  I made the headers/backgrounds in PowerPoint and then used a push pin to put each student’s name up there.
Here are the different jobs and what their task is:
  • Star Student – this will change weekly. Every child has a chance to be Star Student during the school year.  I pick a different child each week. This student gets to take home a poster to fill out about themselves and share it with the class during the week. This student is also my assistant of sorts who helps with any task that needs assistance.
  • Door Holder – this one is pretty self evident 🙂
  • Greeter – This student greets adults who come into the classroom and let’s them know what we are working on.  We often have visitors (staff, admin) and prospective parents and students on tours so a greeter is a great way for them to feel comfortable and know what we are working on in our classroom.
  • iPad Helpers – We are so lucky to have enough iPads for it to be 1 to 1 in our classroom. The iPad Helpers help with distributing the iPads, questions about them, and plugging them in at the end of the day.
  • Snack Assistant – The Snack Assistant goes around and distributes hand sanitizer to all of the students.
  • Lights Helper – Another job that is pretty explanatory. 🙂
  • Library Helpers – These students help keep my classroom library clean and handle returning books to our school library.
  • Homework Helpers – These students help me pass things out and help with organizing our homework bin in the morning.
  • Clean Up Helpers – Clean Up Helpers help make sure everything looks neat and tidy at the end of the day.
  • Cubby Patrol – Cubbies tends to get messy and kids tend to leave things in their forever.  So, Cubby Patrol monitors the cubbies every day so things don’t pile up.
  • Table Captains – There is one table captain per table group in my classroom. They are in charge of passing out papers to their tables.

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