Classroom “Heart Attack” – Promoting Positivity and Kindness

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A few years ago I started this whole “Heart Attack” on February 1. Each day up until Valentine’s Day I add a new heart to the white board sharing something that I loved about our class.  It’s a great way to show kids how to focus on the positive and promote kindness and compliments. 

Examples –

  • I love how you worked quietly during math rotations.
  • I love how you were so kind and friendly to the people working in the cafeteria.
  • I love how excited you were to start your research for your report.
  • I love how hard  you worked on your math test.
  • I love how you helped clean up our classroom and throw away the trash.
  • I love how we all worked together and got along while playing math games.
  • I love how you played nicely together during recess.

Special Twist Idea

You could even get students involved and put “heart attacks” on other classroom doors of classes in the same grade level. Students could also add their own hearts to the board of things they notice the class doing.

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