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Arrays – FREEBIE!

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I began teaching arrays this week to my kiddos and they have been loving it. Some have already figure out how it’s connected to multiplication and basically is multiplication and others…. well we’re not there yet.
Since we are doing arrays, we have had a lot of practice with creating them from knowing the rows and columns and identifying the arrays.  I decided I wanted them to also have some practice creating an array from that repeated addition sentence.  So I created this “Creating Arrays” task card set that can be found for free in my TPT store.  16 task cards are included that have the repeated addition sentence on it. Students can then build the array with tiles, cubes, whatever you have and then record their results on their recording sheet.
Here’s a peek at it…

Grab you freebie here!
Happy Wednesday!

March Currently and Measurements Task Cards

Math, Task Cards, TPT

Hard to believe today is the first day of March.  Feels like February flew by.  Here’s hoping the next 63 days of school fly by too.  I’m definitely in spring fever mode and ready for summer!  Since it is March, I’m linking up with Farley for March Currently.  Be sure to link up with Farley at her blog Oh’ Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I’m catching up on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on DVR.  Anyone else love watching this drama?  I know these shows are bad for you, but they are pretty entertaining.
Loving: Wow, what a great sale TPT had.  I know I stocked up on a number of things and am excited to start creating some new products with them.
Thinking: I need to start spring cleaning. I don’t want to do spring cleaning, but I need to.  I brought home all of my reading files and am hoping to organize them into binders and clean out the stuff I haven’t used in years.  Here’s hoping I get this project going today.
Wanting: More time in the day. I know everyone wants this, but I’ve been feeling pulled lately. I have lots of things I want to get done and good intentions of getting them done then time and other things get in the way.
Needing: I have to get back on track with working out. I have good starts and then those taper off. My goal is to get going this weekend and start March off on a good foot.
Answer: try to figure out the question that goes along with my answer – Dulce de Leche.
And…I finally have a new product in my TPT store.  I used these Comparing Measurements Task Cards with my kids during our measurement unit and it worked perfectly.  It was hands on, had them measuring actual items in the classroom, and then comparing those measurements.  I also love that student choice is involved. Students got to pick 4 task cards and they could choose which ones they wanted to complete. Here are a few pictures of them working on measurement:

Check out my Comparing Measurements Task Cards in my TPT store, here.
Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of March!

ABC Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

ABC Station is one of the first stations I introduce.  This station has a lot of simple alphabet activities, which might be a little simple for first grade, but it’s a great way to train kids on stations since the tasks are a little easier. Since this station isn’t the meatiest, I only use it through November ish.

For the letter flipbook, kids can chose four letters or the teacher can choose four letters for the week. Under the flap, the kids need to draw a picture and write a word that begins with the certain letter.
I have some high frequency and short vowel, consonant blend, and consonant digraph flashcards for the kids to practice together.

Writing Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

Here are my Writing Station Task Cards.  Writing Station is one of the last stations I introduce.  Since we are still working on learning about letters, lists, etc -I tend to introduce this station later in September.

For making lists, I have a variety of notepads different shapes, sizes, and designs for the kiddos to make lists on.
For card making, I provide construction paper and stationary if kids want to make their own cards. I also put in cheap card packs from the dollar bin that kids can write in.

Handwriting Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

Here are my next set of task cards. These task cards are for the Handwriting Station.

These wipe-off boards are my favorite. I take handwriting sheets, glue them to construction paper, and laminate them. Then, the kids can practice tracing and writing letters with a white board marker. These normally last a year or two before they need to be re-done.
I add the poem handwriting activity later in the year. I found these cute ABC poems – one for each letter- that the kids can copy and practice using their best handwriting.
More literacy station task cards to come!

Spelling Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

Here’s my next set of task cards. Spelling Station is up year-round so this is a station where I change out activities every so often to keep things fresh. We have 10 spelling words each week and I have them up in a pocket chart at the spelling station table.  The kiddos then can choose from the activities below…

I know these cards look kind of big in the pictures.  I’m using cardstock from one of those packets and it’s about 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches so it’s not as big as it looks.

Stamping spelling words is an activity I use at the beginning of the year and usually stop around the end of 2nd quarter. The kids enjoy it, but as the progress through the year I liked to add in more challenging activities.
This is an all-year activity and one I start right away when introducing Spelling Station.
Decorating spelling words is one of my favorite activities.  The kids can take the spelling words and jazz them up while writing them using rainbow colors, squiggly lines, adding dots to the letters, etc. This is a fun one and the kids always enjoy being able to show some creativity while practicing their spelling.
This is one of the changes I make after second quarter when I put the stamps away.  The kids also enjoy using the magnets to spell their words.

 I add this station idea mid-year too.  This is a great way to differentiate for those higher students who don’t really need to practice the words a billion times.  Instead of just writing the words, they have to use them in sentences or in a story. 

This is another mid-year station. We start talking about ABC order and alphabetizing at the beginning of the year, but it definitely takes some time for the kiddos to pick it up. I add this station in 3rd or 4th quarter.

Library Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

Here are my Library Station Task Cards. For library station, I often offer all of these options from the get-go.  Library tends to be the easiest station and the kids love having a chance to pick their own book and read together.

At library station, I have our two class “pets” (really stuffed animals).  To fit in with my Suns theme, we have a stuffed gorilla named Steve Nash and since I went to ASU we have a Sparky stuffed animal too. The kiddos love taking turns reading to them.

Smart Board Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Smart Board, Task Cards

Here is my next set of Literacy Station Task Cards.  As I mentioned in a previous post, these will be laminated, hole punched, and put on a ring. Each set of task cards will be hanging by the station so that the kiddos know what they are able to do at each station. 

There is an activity on the Smart Board where kids can stamp their spelling words. I put their weekly spelling words in a sheet protector next to the Smart Board and the kids can take turns using the Smart Board to stamp the words.

I left this task card vague because I change the additional Smart Board activities every few weeks.  The stamping the spelling words activitiy is always an option, but I like to change things up so the kids don’t get bored with the rest of the activities. I have found a ton of great Smart Board Activities on Smart Board Exchange and through our district.  Kids can work on activities that focus on alphabetizing, specific sound/spellings, Harcourt stories, poetry, writing sentences, etc.

Listening Station Task Cards

Literacy Stations, Task Cards

Another great idea from Pinterest! One day while searching Pinterest, I found a teacher who had made task cards for literacy stations. I loved the idea. I used to do “I Can” statements on a piece of paper and then as stations changed I would re-print. The great thing about the task cards is I can make a task card for each possible activity at the station and change them out.  I still need to laminate the cards and then put a binder ring on them. I plan to hang them by the station so that kids can always check on what they can do at each station.  I just love how easy it will be to change the cards out!

Here are the cards for Listening Station –

Sorry for the horrible lighting and shadows in these pictures.