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Day #1 of TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale

Today is Day #1 of the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale. My entire store – Jordan Johnson – is 28% off with the code THANKYOU17.  Check out some of my book studies that are on sale below…
Surprises According to Humphrey – great for advanced second and third grade students and fourth grade.  Each chapter includes three comprehension questions. Answer Key included.
Surprises According to Humphrey - Book Study
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – We’re working on this book study as a whole class right now. I use the Charlie Check-Ins as a formative assessment to see if students comprehended the chapters read the day before. Also includes writing prompts about the book.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Book Study
Ivy and Bean – I used this book study during literacy stations this year. I had partners working on it. They took turns reading and then would answer the questions together.  
Ivy + Bean - Book Study
Happy Shopping!

Guess What?

Math, Reading, Writing

The TPT Big Teacher Appreciation Sale begins tomorrow! You heard me!! Tomorrow!  My entire store – Jordan Johnson – will be on sale May 9th and 10th for 28% off with the code THANKYOU17.  This is a great time to stock up on some goodies for the end of the year and for early planning for next year.

Download for Facebook - 740 × 400

Check out my Instagram to win a $10 gift card that you can use on the sale – Team J 2nd Grade Fun.

Check out some of my bundles below…

Grammar Fix It Bundle Provides practice with capitals, end marks, apostrophes, commas, verb tense agreement, quotation marks, and spelling high frequency words.  6 products make up this one mega-bundle!

Grammar Fix It -  BUNDLE

Nate the Great Bundle – Includes two Nate the Great Book Studies (Nate the Great Goes Undercover and Nate the Great and The Lost List). Perfect for small group book studies.

Nate the Great Book Study BUNDLE

Graphing Galore Bundle – Includes 3 of my popular graphing products – Graphing in 2nd Grade, Learning About Line Plots, and Create Your Own Graph Project. Perfect for covering the 2nd Grade Data Analysis standards!

Graphing Galore BUNDLE

These are just a few of my bundle products! Add them to your wishlist today and purchase tomorrow in the sale! Happy Shopping!

Five for Friday – May 5

Morning Meeting, Reading

The countdown is on.  Only 18.5 days left after today! I’m linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Here’s what we were up to the first week of May…

I started a little, end of the year blog series. Every Wednesday for the month of May, I’ll be sharing a quick end-of-the-school-year tip.  This week’s tip was about planning and To Do lists. Check it out – here

Morning Message Tip – I like to have students respond to our Morning Message on sticky notes. I know they could just write on the board, but the sticky notes give them time to work on it at their seats, come up with their “own” answers, and lessens the chance of just copying an answer already up there. This also gives students room to show work if needed. 

We started our last book study of the year this week – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The kids always love this book! Every day we read about 20 pages and every day they groan at the end because they want to read more!  I love that this book is entertaining and captures their attention. To check their comprehension of the book, they do Charlie Check-Ins the next day. These are a part of my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Study in my TPT Store. It’s a great way to quickly check comprehension throughout the book.

I love my room parents! They have come up with cute, unique things for my classroom all year long. The last theme they picked fits with Dr. Seuss’s book – Oh, The Places You’ll Go. It turned out so cute! I love the hanging hot air balloons!

I’m a huge country fan and we were able to go to David Nail’s country concert last weekend. I had seen him in AZ a few years ago so it was fun to see him play again.  
Hope everyone has a good weekend! The countdown is on…we can make it!

Five for Friday – February 24

Math, Reading

It was a super short week, but a busy one! We had Monday off for President’s Day and on Tuesday we had no class, but Student-Led/Parent Teacher Conferences all day! So for a 3 day week it was a busy one! I’m linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.

My latest Grammar Fix It is now ready!  I just completed Grammar Fix It – Verb Tense Agreements.  My class has been working on verbs a lot and it was time for a formative assessment.  You can use Grammar Fix It as an around the room activity, scoot activity, or throw it in a station.  I decided to use it as a formative assessment.  I put each sentence on the board one at a time and the kids had to re-write the sentences correctly on their recording sheet. Then, I graded it using the little page below.  We use Standards Based Grading for writing so I have a rubric for each area.  Check out my new Grammar Fix It…here
This week we started working on asking questions in reading. We talked about the importance of asking questions while you read and why good readers do it.  I got this lesson from Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller. Love that book!!!
All day Tuesday, I had Student-Led/Parent Teacher Conferences.  Check out  my blog post that I wrote all about it…here

I love incorporating math games into our Morning Meeting activity. Yesterday we played the game I learned from CGI training called Race to Zero.  The goal is to be the first team to get to zero.  I broke the class into two teams.  Each team starts at the number 999 and has three dice they can use. Then, the team decides to roll one, two, or all three.  Whatever number they roll, they can make any number from it. For example, if they roll 612, they could make 612, 621, 216, 126, etc…. Part of this game is strategy and rolling the right number of dice depending on the size of your number and making the right number that will help you get to zero the quickest.  After they roll and create their number, then they subtract from the number they had left.  This game keeps going until someone or some team gets to zero! Great way to practice subtraction, place value, problem solving, and strategic thinking!

This week in math we continued to work on measuring area.  Yesterday I had students create a specific area to show them that there is more than one way to model most areas.  For example, 16 square units – could be 8×2, 2×8, 1×16, 2×16, 4×4….  I loved pulling out the square tiles for them to play around with. I think the concrete item helped some of them understand the concept of area better and how it is measuring the surface space.

Five for Friday – February 17

Holidays, Reading, Writing

Yay for a 3 day weekend!! These weeks have been crazy and Spring Break is still far away, but a 3 day weekend will help for now! I’m linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another week of Five for Friday

I’m loving how hard my kids are working on their book study for the book – I Survived The Great Chicago Fire.  The partnership working on this book are really into it and have had some great insightful answers.  This book study can be found in my TPT store…here
Oh…editing…such a tough skill for second graders. This week to help reinforce the editing skills we’ve been working on (spelling, complete sentences, end marks, capitals, etc) I had my small groups work on editing a story. It’s funny how it’s so much easier for them to edit someone else’s work than catch mistakes in their own…but I guess that’s how it is for everyone!  So…we’ll keep at it…keep practicing and hopefully it’ll start to stick and they’ll be able to apply it soon!
We had a great time at our Valentine’s Party on Tuesday. Check out what we did in my blog post – Valentine’s Day Recap.

Oh conferences…. This coming Tuesday we have our next round of student-led/ parent-teacher conferences! At this conference, we go over each student’s three goals on their Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that are tailored to that child’s specific needs.  I also decided to whip up this little Reading Update sheet as another way to give more info at the conferences.  Some of the kids goals are reading-focused, but some aren’t, so I thought this would be a great way to quickly update parents on all reading areas.

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Got some fun and yummy goodies from my students and beautiful flowers from my husband! Hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day too!
Enjoy the 3 day weekend!!

Five for Friday – February 3

Math, Reading, Writing Workshop

Crazy that it is already February! January flew by! After missing last week, I’m back to link up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday. Check out our busy week below…

So I don’t have Amazon Prime, but I do now see what all the fuss is about.  We were low on class snacks and one of my parents graciously offered to order some from Amazon Pantry/Prime.  And much to my pleasant surprise – three huge boxes like the one pictured above, arrived with snacks.  Right to the school! We will probably be covered on snacks until the end of the year!

I posted my newest product to TPT this week. Check out the strategies we used for division and also my Division Story Problems on my blog post…here
We love coding! I even enjoy coding with the kids! We’ve been working on’s different lessons and it is amazing! I love how the kids can move along at their own speed and the lessons continue to get more challenging as the go! We’re going to have some code geniuses by the time the year is complete.

We had our second field trip of the year on Monday. We went to a theater at UNLV and watched the play Charlotte’s Web. It was so cute and the kids really enjoyed it since we read Charlotte’s Web as a class in November.

We’ve been working on our third Writing Workshop Unit – Opinions.  This book from Lucy Calkin’s Units of Study has us working on writing letters to share our opinions on books. Above I modeled an example using the book – Seriously, Cinderella is So Annoying! If you haven’t read that book or checked the books out where the fairy tale is told from a different point of view, I highly recommend it!
Hope everyone has a great Super Bowl weekend!

Five for Friday – January 20

Math, Reading, Social Studies

It was a short week, but a long week all at the same time! I enjoyed having Monday off, but could’ve used one more day. I’m linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday. See what we’ve been up to below….

I love the book Martin’s Big Words.  With MLK Jr Day on Monday, we studied him a bit (we’ll study him more later in our historic people PBL project) and I showed them the video of the book. It has James Earl Jones reading the text and beautiful music in the background. One of my favorites to use every year! I highly recommend you check it out on YouTube.
We’ve been working on multiplication for three weeks now and this week students started spending more time working on story problems. See how I use differentiated multiplication story problems in my classroom… here….
We started our second whole class book study – The Chocolate Touch this week! I love this book and so do the kids! They find it hilarious and I love the break from our traditional Journey’s reading series! Can’t wait to finish it next week with them.  What book studies do you do with your whole class? Write them below in the comments! I’m always looking for new ideas!
Last week, a student asked if he could clean up my Morning Message board. I said sure. He asked if he could erase it. I said sure.  He asked if he could get rid of the “posty sticks.”  I said…what??? Apparently he thought post its/sticky notes were called posty sticks.  We all got a good laugh out of that one!
I’m trying to become more active in the New Year. If you’d like to join me, check out my Instagram that I’m using to keep me accountable with my fitness journey – and also add me on FitBit! My email with the account is  I love having new friends on there and participating in Work Week Challenges.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Five for Friday – December 2

Holidays, Reading, Writing

How is it December??? November seemed to fly by and that Thanksgiving break definitely flew by! 10 days went by in a second! I’m linking back up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to show you what we’ve been up to this week for Five for Friday.

In Writing Workshop, we are working our informational unit and writing like scientists. I love the lab report format WW uses and wanted to add in a holiday-ish themed experiment. I found the Candy Cane Experiment from Lemon Lime Adventures.  It is awesome! Fun, easy, and not too messy! This week we tried out the candy cane in cold water and hot water. Next week, we’ll do the final experiment and try it in vinegar. I’ll follow up with a blog post next week with some of the lab report results.  The kids are loving it and their reflections and observations are getting better each time. 
Love, love, love my room moms. They always outdo themselves with cute decorations!  

He’s baaaaccckkkkk.  Yesterday I started Elf on the Shelf in the classroom. Stay tuned for my blog post tomorrow discussing his first two days of adventures! 

We started working on fact and opinion this week in class to go along with our Journey’s story. In small groups, we discussed it and I had students write three of each. Love this little ones first opinion! 🙂

It’s my favorite time of the year…the holiday season. These are two pictures from Thanksgiving break and since I took a little break from blogging last week, I wanted to share them with you today.  This was my first time ever making Thanksgiving dinner and I have to say it turned out pretty well! No major kitchen mishaps and my husband had a very full plate so he was a happy camper!  I also decorated our Christmas tree! Love having all of the holiday decor up in the house.
Have a wonderful weekend!

TPT Cyber Sale and New Products!


I’m so excited to be joining in for the TPT Cyber Sale on Monday and Tuesday! Be sure to use the code CYBER2016 to get 28% off my entire TPT store – Jordan Johnson.

I also have two new products to share with you today that will be part of the sale!

I love using I Have, Who Has for phonics and spelling skills.  It’s a quick way to practice the certain phonics skill and is a game, which makes it more fun than doing a phonics worksheet.

I just uploaded I Have, Who Has Phonics for Short A and Short E Vowels (all CVC words).   I’ll be adding short i, o, and u soon.  Check them out below…

Phonics – I Have, Who Has – Short A Vowel Words

Happy Shopping Monday and Tuesday!

Five for Friday – November 18

Reading, Social Studies

At noon today we begin Thanskgiving Break! We have the whole week off and I could not be more ready for a whole week break.  For those of you that do not have a whole week off, I am sorry. I know how hard it is to try to teach the 2.5 days before Thanksgiving and keep the little ones on track. Since it was a full week, I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

On Monday, we had a treasure hunt to find out what our next PBL project would be about. We are going to start learning about maps.  After researching maps, students will be creating their own island and then burying their own pirate treasure on it (with directions). The kids had fun on our treasure hunt and got some little goodies at the end!

I love Kahoot. And my kids love Kahoot.  This was our first time trying Kahoot with partners. We’ve only done it as a whole class before. They did great! We worked on a geometry Kahoot that someone else had made.

Today is Grandparent’s Day at our school and my class will be doing a Charlotte’s Web Reader’s Theater.  We got the scripts yesterday and students highlighted their parts before practicing.  This will be quite a hoot.  I have some very fun, dramatic personalities in my room who have been waiting for their acting debut.

Speaking of Charlotte’s Web here are two funny things from it this week.  This first picture is from a student’s answer to our morning meeting question “What was your favorite part of Charlotte’s Web?” One – I really hope he didn’t lick the book. 2 – Apparently we still need to work on our silent e, long vowel type words.
My second student has made up a very interesting name for Henry Fussy.  Have no idea where he got Gribe Grumpson from but it made me laugh.

I have a new post up from this week about teaching elapsed time. Check it out for some ideas and elapsed time story problems.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend! This weekend I’ll be decorating for Christmas! Can’t wait!!!!