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Pinspired Thursday

I’m linking up with Mrs. H over at Just a Primary Girl for Pinspired Thursday.  I’m a Pinterest addict so I can’t wait to share the new pins I want to try this summer and also link up to see other ideas! Be sure to link up here.
Here is one Pinterest summer project for my to do list…
I finally found a cute way to post my objectives!!! Objectives clearly posted for each subject.. not that kinders can read the daily objectives but at least the admins would be pleased to see them displayed
My school uses essential questions and would like them posted so students can always see them.  I love this idea of using frames for objectives that Doodling in 6th Grade came up with. I’m thinking instead of writing the objectives on them, I could write the essential questions.   Provides a cute easy way to display them and it’s crafty-ish.  She even has ideas of where to get the frames on her site.
This is project number 1 for the summer. I will probably add a million more to that list by the time summer begins…but hey, that’s what the two months off are for….right???
Happy almost weekend! 12 school days to go for me! 

Favorite Pin Friday – July 19


Happy Friday everyone! It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up again for one of my favorites – Favorite Pin Friday with Cara Carroll over at First Grade Parade.  Check out her site for how to join in on the Pinterest sharing fun!

My Favorite Teaching Pins:
What a great way to practice writing opinions all while enjoying some delicious candy.  I’m always looking for new ways to practice writing opinions and I’ll have to add this one to my lesson plans for this year.
I think this would be a cute gift idea for the kiddos to give their parents for the holidays or for Valentine’s Day.  The kiddos have a white board with their reason written down, you take their picture, and then frame it.
I love this I Can board set-up and how organized this classroom looks!
Here are some of my other non-teaching favorite pins:
Great way to decorate the fridge. I love the look of the pictures in frames on the fridge instead of just being held up with magnets.

This garlic parmesan bread looks delicious and it says it’s easy to make!  Yum!
As an ASU grad, I love this subway art printable that one of my ASU friend’s made.
Thanks for stopping by my blog for Favorite Pin Friday. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Favorite Pins Friday – July 12


I am linking up again with Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday.

Here are my favorites this week…
I love, love, love plastic storage bins.  I should buy stock in Sterilite with how many I buy.  I found this cute, easy way to decorate them with ducktape – simple and more fashionable.
I found this great monthly calendar with lots of space for writing. I thought this would be perfect to lay out the weekly standards and use for planning. And the best part, it’s free!
I use the Clip Chart system in my classroom and stumbled upon this form the other day to explain poor behavior to parents. I had a form I’ve been using the last few years, but this one is a little easier for the kiddos to fill out and a half sheet so it saves paper!

This story looks adorable and is recommended to use for teaching persuasive writing and how to write letters. I’m always looking for new books for the classroom and I’ll be adding this one to my list!
I’m looking forward to exploring data notebooks this year for students.  I found this awesome website with a number of great ideas of how to use them in the classroom.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


10 Pin Linky Party – Social Studies and Science Ideas

Pinterest, Science, Social Studies

I’ve linked up with Ashley Reed over at Just Reed and joined in on her 10 Pin Linky Party. Check out her site for more info. 

Below are my Ten Favorite Science and Social Studies Pinterest Pins:
1. I love The Cloud Book as a way to talk about different clouds and Fun in First Grade has wonderful activities and ideas for teaching weather.
2. Rain Experiment – using a clear cup, water, shaving cream, and food coloring. First, fill the cup with water and put shaving cream on the top. Then, squirt some drops of food coloring in and see how it moves through the cloud and as it gets heavier it looks like rain.
3. Love this flip book to show the phases of the moon.
4. Love the science book lists on this site. Great way to tie in informational text with science experiments and lessons.
5. Science Notebook – Love that kids can record thoughts and predictions while working on experiments.
6. Cute social studies book to talk about geography and the United States.
7.  I use this page every President’s Day. I love seeing the different answers the kiddos give for what they would do if they were President of the United States.

8. Cute voting activities at this site. Great books and activities to introduce and explain Election Day.
9. Constitution Day Lessons at kid level.
10. Me on the Map – I love using this book to introduce maps and Clutter-Free Classroom has great ideas and activities that go with the book.
 Hope you enjoy these links and great ideas from Pinterest!

Favorite Pin Friday/Late Saturday Night


So, this is my first time joining a linky party, but what better party to join then one where you get to pick your five favorite pins from the week.  I linked up with The First Grade Parade and have five of my favorite pins from the week below.  See her link for info on joining in…

Favorite Teaching Pins:
I think this is a super cute gift to give kids at Meet the Teacher night and I’m hoping to make it for my kiddos this year.  This great idea comes from Gigglepotz.
My next favorite pin is a take-off of something I already used in my classroom this year. This past year, we used composition books as math notebooks where the kids could solve various math problems during whole group and small group instruction.  I’ve seen this before, but this pin is a great reminder (from Schroeder’s Blog) that office stores will cut those composition books in half, which would be an even better size for math notebooks.
This is one of my next summer Pinterest projects – a sign for the classroom to tell others where we are at.  I couldn’t get the Pinterest link to work, but it said it’s from Miss Kindergarten.
Another summer project to get started on – a new way to organize stations. I’ve used pocket charts the last two years and also magnetic signs, but I like this idea of being able to move kids from station to station with clothespins.  I couldn’t find the link but it apparently came from some RTI website.
The next items is for sale on TPT.  I love the whole bucket filling system and used it last year for the first time.  Ashley Reed’s TPT Store has some great scenarios for kiddos to figure out what a bucket filler would do and what a bucket dipper would do. What a great way to review bucket filling while also giving real world examples. I plan on purchasing this for my class!

I appreciate Cara Carroll over at First Grade Parade for coming up with this great idea!  And, I hope that I completed the linky party successfully since this was my first time joining in.
Hope everyone has a great night!