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Attendance Chart


At my new school, attendance is a major issue and an issue the school is really focusing on trying to fix.  We are in a neighborhood where you have a lot of movement and I’ve already had 3 kids withdraw and we’ve only been in school 3 weeks.  So…in an effort to help with attendance we are tracking our data in the classroom. The kids have actually really gotten into this and we’ve been good about updating it each day.  This week we had 2 days with 100% attendance, which is the most we’ve had in a week.  I decided to use a quick fraction and percentage chart so that I can quickly put up the results each day. I also decided to go with something simple instead of a bar graph because the number of students in my classroom is constantly changing.

Hope everyone has a great night! Time for me to go watch the rest of the ASU/Wisconsin game. Go Devils!

Parent/Teacher Conference Week

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It’s the week that some teacher’s dread, but I happen to find very enjoyable…Parent/Teacher Conferences week.  For some reason, I really enjoy this week and having the time to sit with parents and chat about all of the great things their kiddos are doing and all of the progress they have made so far this year.  This year it’s even easier because I have all of my data in one place….my Data Notebook Binder.  In years past, I’ve had a binder with reading stuff, a binder with math stuff, and stuff in piles.  This year, I’m all organized. 

Of course, I had to make a cute cover. 
Inside, I have a tab for each child. I chose the dividers with the pocket in the front so I could have a place for papers that don’t fit so easily in the binder. 
Behind each tab, I have the following items:
-Quick Phonics Screener (by far my favorite reading assessment)
-High Frequency Word Assessment
-Phonemic Awareness Assessment (for students who struggled on DIBELS only)
-1st Quarter Math Counting Assessment
-Problem Solving Assessment for 1st Quarter
-Counting Items Assessment
This has made conferences so much easier so far…only 2 more days to go!