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I’m a little/lot late in blogging about this, but I still had to share. In September, my 2nd graders and I did an informational text study on weather. We focused on clouds, sunlight, rain, and snow.  We read informational books (there are some great weather informational books written by Erin Edison), watched clips on Brainpop Jr., and shared background knowledge.  After learning about the type of weather, we created a circle map with facts we learned. Then, we turned the circle maps into an informational book about weather that we wrote together. Since we’ve been studying informational text and text features we also included a table of contents and headings into our books. Here’s a ton of pictures of our work.

Here are our circle maps that we created with the information we learned from the books and the Brainpop videos.

Here the students are working on their own circle maps of information using the information learned and the information we put on our class circle map.
Here are the finished products! They are turned out great and the kids loved how they were able to write their own book about weather that looked just like the ones we read in class.



ELA Common Core Standards for 2nd Grade

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Since I will be teaching 2nd grade for the first time this school year, I wanted to take some time this summer to delve into the Common Core standards for 2nd grade.  I searched and searched on the internet for a document that just had the 2nd grade standards laid out.  I know it’s important to see what’s happening in all grade levels, but for planning purposes it’s great to have a quick document where you can see everything you’re supposed to teach in one place. Since I couldn’t find one, I decided to create my own.  You can download it as a freebie from my Teacher’s Pay Teacher store here.  This is my first TPT creation so go easy on me. I’ll get fancier as I go :-). 


Here are two sample pages from the Common Core ELA packet.

Thank you to The 3am Teacher at www.the3amteacher.blogspot.com/ for her amazing backgrounds and text boxes.
I’ll be posting the Math Common Core Standards packet for 2nd grade tomorrow!
Have a great afternoon everyone!