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Brain Breaks

I know this is a topic I’ve talked about in previous posts, but I found a different way to select Brain Breaks to change it up a bit.  Now, I didn’t come up with this new way of selecting Brain Breaks on my own – I got the idea from Heather Haupt.  I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and tweaked it to fit my classroom needs.

First, I decorated a new little bucket to hold all of my brain breaks. I also printed each brain break on a card to go in the bucket and laminated it to make it more durable.  I got the cute frames used on my cards from 3AM Teacher.  She has awesome graphics.   This way each time we go to do a brain break I can pick a different one out of the bucket. Makes it a little more fun!  These brain breaks include simple ones like jumping jacks and also some of the “Just Dance – Kid Disney” videos that I found on YouTube.  Check out my post here on how to make YouTube videos safe to use in the classroom using Safeshare.


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