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Boggle Board, Literacy Stations

This past weekend, I decided to make another great idea that I found on Pinterest.  While searching Pinterest one day, I found many options for how to use and play the game “Boggle” in your classroom.  Since I teach first grade, I wasn’t sure how this would work with my kiddos so before I invested time in making something we played the game as a class on just a piece of paper.  They loved it! They couldn’t get enough and kept asking when we could play again. 

So, this weekend I decided to make a large version that could even be used as a literacy station.  At JoAnn’s, I bought a foam board, border, scrapbook paper, and die-cut letters.  I had some left-over “Stick-em Clips” from the beginning of the year and then set to work making the board.  See a picture of the finished project below. I’m so excited to have the kids try this out tomorrow!

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