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Photo of room decorated for basketball room transformation

Today I’m excited to share with you the perfect transformation for March! Basketball Room Transformation/March Madness Extravaganza! As a basketball coach’s wife, this room transformation is right up my alley! Check out this post to see decoration ideas, activities, and more!


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Photo of inside of classroom for basketball room transformation
Photo of outside of classroom for basketball room transformation

Decorating is one of my favorite parts of the room transformation. I got the basketball table bins from the Dollar Tree, I printed and made some of the basketball signs, and got other items like the NBA tablecloth and signs from Amazon. Check out other decor ideas for a basketball room transformation in my Amazon shop >>> HERE.


Photo of teacher outfit with ref shirt

I was able to re-use the referee shirt that I used for my football room transformation. Great way to get more use out of it! You could also wear a team shirt or jersey to help set the theme up!

Book Tournament:

Photo of book tournament poster board

The book tournament is one of my favorite parts of this transformation. For the book tournament, we create brackets like the basketball team brackets. I created this poster board and then printed photos of the book that were competing. You could also print a blank Sweet 16 bracket online and either type or write the book titles in.

This tournament takes more than a day and students really get into it. I pick out 16 picture books that I have not read to my class yet and that are less common. I want to try to pick out books that my students are unfamiliar with. Each time, I read the two books that are competing against each other. The class does a silent vote and the winner moves on to the next round. They love seeing which book will win it all!

Math Ideas:

Photo of basketball addition problem on Smart Board
Photo of team score sheet and basketball rings

We played a math basketball game to review our addition and subtraction skills. Students were broken up into teams and got to create their own team name. Then, each team worked to solve the math problem. If they got the answer correct, then a player would get to come up and shoot a basket. If they make the basket, they get a point for their team. For the basket part, I used the baskets from Dollar Tree that were on their tables. I used small squishy basketballs for the balls. Team with the most points/everyone who participated one a basketball ring that you can see pictured above.

You can find these math problem slides in my TPT store >>> HERE. I have version with regrouping and one without regrouping.

Photo of basketball paper with word problems on top

Students also worked on fun basketball themed word problems. This was a great way for them to practice their problem solving skills and math strategies. You can find these differentiated word problems in my TPT store >>> HERE.

Reading Ideas:

Photo of book Allie's Basketball Dream with writing prompts

We also read the story Allie’s Basketball Dream and students completed the graphic organizer identifying the beginning, middle, and end of the story. You can find this book study in my TPT store >>> HERE.

Additional Activities:

Photo of writing piece - describe your mascot

Students got to create their own team mascot for their basketball team. They were quite creative with the mascots they picked.

Photo of basketball player info sheet

Students also got to fill in their basketball player stat sheet of sorts. They had fun picking out their player name, team name, etc.

Book Suggestions:

Here are some of my favorite picture books with a basketball and team theme.

Basketball BUNDLE:

Photo of Basketball Bundle cover with picture of word problems

If you are interested in these activities, I have them bundled for a 20% discount in my TPT store. You can grab the Basketball BUNDLE HERE.

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