5 Amazon Must-Have Items for Primary Teachers

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The beginning of the school year is near and that means it’s time for NEW teacher supplies! There is nothing better than freshly sharpened pencils, crayons that are fresh out of the package, and more! 

I wanted to share my 5 Amazon must-have items for primary teachers! These are items that I use daily in my classroom and have been a lifesaver for me. I have linked each of these items (affiliate links) for easy shopping.

I also have a storefront on Amazon that you can shop for even more teacher supplies, books, mom favorites, and more!

Please note Amazon affiliate links are included in this post for your convenience.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Amazon Must-Have #1

Photo of wireless doorbell

Wireless Doorbell – I love using this as a classroom management tool. I have had my wireless doorbell for years and use it as an attention getter, to signal rotation switches, signal clean up time, and more! I love this one because there are many different chime options so you can keep kids on their toes.

Amazon Must-Have #2

Photo of laminator

Scotch Laminator – I know most schools have a laminator, but let’s be real….how often are they in working condition? At many of my schools, thy laminator is often broken, needs new film, or there is a huge line for it! I got tired of waiting and this affordable laminator has solved all of my laminator woes (and I think it’s even thicker lamination than the machines). I also love the Scotch laminating pouches that you can get HERE.

Amazon Must-Have #3

Photo of Expo Markers

Expo Markers – I know, I know…Expo markers. Many of you already know about these, but this brand is legit the best! I also love that it has multiple colors, which always make things fun.

Amazon Must-Have #4

Photo of Organizer Pouches

Mesh Zipper Pouch – These zipper pouches are an organizer’s dream! I love using these to organize centers/stations and math games! It’s perfect because you fit all of the pieces inside and everything is zipped and in one place!

Amazon Must-Have #5

Photo of staple removers

Staple Remover – This is the staple remover of all staple removers in my opinion.  I hate, hate, hate removing staples from the wall. I literally have nightmares about it (well not really). This staple remover makes removing papers a breeze and it keeps the papers intact. I can’t tell you how many papers I accidentally ripped holes into with the other types.

What are your favorite teacher supplies? Let me know in the comments.

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