3 Quick and Easy Whole Class Behavior Management Ideas

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Today I’m going to share with you 3 quick and easy whole class behavior management ideas! Behavior management is a topic that is at the forefront of every teacher’s mind. Behavior systems can make or break your classroom and it’s important to change things up and keep things fresh.

Ways the Class Can Earn the Rewards

For all the systems listed below, students can earn rewards as a class for a variety of reasons. The biggest thing I stress is that we are working together as a class to earn the rewards together. It needs to be ALL of us – not just some of us.  (Depending on your class and behavior situations, you might need to adjust expectations).

Here are a few ways they earn a point, letter, or sticky note removed…

  • Class compliment
  • Walking quietly in the hall
  • Working quietly
  • Working well together during a math game or group activity
  • Participation in class discussions
  • Lining up quickly
  • Classroom picked up
  • Desks organized and neat

Behavior Management Idea #1 – Tally Chart

Photo of tally chart used for whole class behavior management

Tally charts or place value (with tens and ones) is a great way to manage whole class behavior. For the tally chart, I pick a number and students have to work to earn that many tallies.  I typically start with 25 and then once they earn that we go for 50, 75, 100, etc.  

Behavior Management Idea #2 – Earning Letters

Photo of Earning Letters Behavior Management Strategy

I tend to use the “Earning Letters” classroom management strategy mid-year during the 2nd and 3rd quarter. I put up blank lines on the white board for how many letters are in the word. For this whole class behavior management strategy, I will use the word of the prize they are trying to earn. So if they are trying to earn a READING PARTY – I will put up 12 blank lines.  Students can earn a letter for any of the ideas listed above.

Behavior Management Idea #3 – Sticky Note Chart

I got this idea a few years ago on Instagram from Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching. Each time the whole class accomplishes one of the positive behaviors, a sticky note comes off. At the end, they get to figure out what their mystery reward is and earn it.

Reward Ideas

I like to keep rewards simple and easy to do. Rewards will change depending on what they had to do to earn them. For example, earning 25 tallies is different from working towards 100 tallies.  Here are a few rewards I have used in the past with these systems…

  • Food items (cookies, popsicles, ice cream sandwich, etc.)
  • Reading party – students can bring in a blanket, stuffed animal, and/or pillow for the reading party
  • Game time – students can bring in board or card games from home to play with their friends in class
  • Lunch in the classroom
  • Extra recess time

Final thought…

Keep in mind it is good to change up your incentives and management systems throughout the year. Students need novelty and things need to be kept fresh to keep their interest. I tend to cycle through these 3 behavior management systems above each school year.

For more info…

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