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December Classroom Ideas


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The holidays are coming and today I’m excited to share some December classroom ideas with you!

December Book Suggestions:

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Photo of 5 Fun Books for December

Here are five fun books that you can share with your class during the month of December.

December Classroom Idea – Candy Cane Science Experiment

Science experiments are always fun and this one includes candy canes! For this activity, students can make predictions about what they will think when you put a candy cane in hot water, cold water, and vinegar.  They love seeing the changes that occur! This can also be a great opportunity to write down predictions and observations during the experiment. To learn more about it, click HERE.

December Classroom Idea – Polar Express Day

Photo of train set-up for Polar Express Day - December Classroom Ideas

One of my favorite days at school is Polar Express Day! When I taught first grade we had a whole week dedicated to the story – The Polar Express.  We read the story, worked on comprehension questions, and writing prompts about the book.  Then, the special activity was our Polar Express Day.  Each student wore pajamas to school and got their Polar Express ticket! To read more about this special day, click HERE.

December Resource Suggestions:

Here are some of my favorite resources to use during the month of December.

Kindness Card FREEBIE

Photo of FREE Classroom Kindness Cards

The holiday season is a great opportunity to promote kindness in the classroom and community. These FREE Kindness Cards provide many opportunities for your students to spread some holiday cheer! Click HERE to grab these FREE Kindness Cards.

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Kindness Cards FREEBIE


What are Kindness Cards?

The holiday season is quickly upon us! Years ago I used to do Elf on the Shelf in the classroom, but had been looking for a way to promote kindness during the holiday season! In comes…Kindness Cards!

Kindness Cards include writing letters to school staff, helping others, saying “Good Morning,” and more.  It’s a great way to promote being kind to others during the holiday season. The digital version even provides options that are great for distance learning or virtual learning.

How can you use them in the classroom?

I use these cards during the month of December in my classroom. Each day I post a new card on the board and we focus on that act of kindness for the day. For the digital version, I add a new “digital” card to our daily slides that we use.

Picture of printable Kindness Cards

Grab your FREE Kindness Cards

Example of Digital Kindness Cards

If you would like to grab your own set of printable FREE Kindness Cards >>> click HERE.

If you would like the digital version of the FREE Kindness Cards >>> click HERE.

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