Phonics- I Have, Who Has – aw, al, o

I love using games as a way to practice and review skills.  I created a quick way to review our words with the sound/spellings – aw, al, and o.  I love using I Have, Who Has.  Everyone gets to participate, it goes quick, and you can play a few different times if you have the kids switch cards so they’re working with different ones.
Here’s how to play:
  • Each student gets 1 or 2 cards (depends on your class size). There are 24 total cards.
  • The first person has a card that says, “I have the first card.” They come up to the front of the class and read their card.  It says, “I have the first card.  Who has salt?”
  • Then, the person who has salt, comes up to the front and lines up next saying, “I have salt.  Who has always?”
  • This continues until the person who has the last card finishes the game by saying, “And I have the last card.”
  • You can then mix the cards up and play again.

You can find this product in my TPT Store (Jordan Johnson) – it’s called Phonics – I Have, Who Has – aw, al, and o words.  Check it out below…
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