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I’m so excited to share my graphing project with all of you! I’ve used this for the last few years as a final project to our graphing unit and now finally have it as a product up in my TPT Store
Here’s how the project works…
This project can be completed in small groups, partnerships, or independently. I’ve always done it as a group project with groups of 3-4.  Each group gets together and first works on their planning page. The planning page is where they plan out what their survey question will be, decide what type of data they are collecting, and also decide on the graph they’ll use to represent their data.
Planning Page
Then, after the group completes the planning page they move on to collecting data.  I have a page for that in the packet where students may collect the data using words, numbers, tallies, etc.  I let my students ask our neighbor 2nd grade class the survey question as well as our class so they have more data. You also could go class-to-class and come up with some amazing data too!
After they collect the data, they compare it with the rest of their group to make sure they have the same numbers and then they create their graph.  They have three graph choices – Bar Graph, Pictograph, and Line Plot.  Each page is available in my product with two page options (one for 3 categories, one for 4 categories, and the line plot has two different pages depending on their information).


Bar Graph Option
After completing the graph, each student comes up with 4 or more observations about their data.
Last, each group presents the information they learned to the class. We project their graph on the board and each student shares an observation or two.
My students always look forward to this project and I hope your students will enjoy it too! It’s now available in my TPT Store – Create Your Own Graph Project!
Create Your Own Graph Project
It’s also bundled with two of my other graphing products – Learning About Line Plots and Graphing in 2nd Grade…here – Graphing Galore Bundle
Graphing Galore BUNDLE
Happy Graphing!
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