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Clip Chart
In my classroom, I still use the Clip Chart. While I know some people are against it, I find that it works for my kids and they have responded well to it.  I do have two kids on a separate plan because the all day system was too much for them. Their plan is broken more into subjects and scheduled times. 


Anyways…this year with the Clip Chart I wanted to have some way to reward kids that got to purple or outstanding on the chart.  In the past, students put a jewel on their clip.  They still do that now, but they also get two extra very easy and cheap rewards! 
One – I put this frame on their desk.  I got the frame from Michaels – I think it was a $1.  They get to have the frame on their desk all day as a way to show how awesome they did the day before.  The kids have loved this! The neat thing too is that when other adults stop in the classroom, they notice this and comment on the child’s good choices and behavior so they get even more positive reinforcement!

Two – They get to pick two GoNoodle brain breaks the day after they got to purple (also the day they have the frame on their desk).  You would be surprised – but they ate this up! The best thing of all it only cost me like a $1 for the frame and that was it. And, I use the frame each time so really I ended up spending hardly anything!
To see how I use the Clip Chart in my classroom, check out this blog post here
How do you reward kids for reaching the top of the Clip Chart in your classroom?  Can’t wait to read your ideas!

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