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I polled my class recently to see what their favorite Morning Meeting Activities were and I wanted to share them with you! I wasn’t surprised by the results as these are some of my favorites too! Check them out below and don’t miss the FREEBIE at the bottom.

Favorite Activity #1 – Story Starter

Story Starter is my classes favorite activity! For this activity, we work on a creative writing prompt. I have done this activity whole group, with a small group/partner, or independently. Everyone starts with the same writing prompt, but then they get to use their creativity and imagination and take the story wherever they want! My class literally cheers when I tell them that we’re doing this Morning Meeting Activity.

Story Starter Prompt - I walked into a haunted house and then....
Photo of story starter completed as a class - I walked into the haunted house and then...
From October Morning Meeting Activity Slides.

Favorite Activity #2 – Quick Draw

Quick draw is another fan favorite in my classroom! Quick draw is a great activity for days you are a little shorter on time. I put up a slide and students have 2 minutes to draw the set item or task on their white board. Then, students share their drawing. For sharing, students will sometimes just stand and share, share with a partner or group, or we’ll do a gallery walk. I often will do 2-4 quick draw prompts in an activity slot.

Quick Draw Slide - words - Draw a beach.
Photo of drawn beach scene with clouds, sun, ocean waves, and sand.

Favorite Activity #3 – Word Creator

Word Creator is another great ELA activity. Students have to look at the letters on the board and use them to create as many words as they can. We turn this into a little self-competition where their goal is to try to beat the number of words they created the previous time. The one kicker – the letters have to be touching! Students love trying to see how many words they can create.

Image of Word Creator board with 16 letters for students to use to make words.
Photo of Word Creator game showing example of how words are made.

Morning Meeting Activity Slides

To make life easier, I have already created sets of Morning Meeting Activity Slides for you in my TPT store. I have themed sets and generic sets that can be used all year long! Check out my Morning Meeting Activities >>> HERE.

Morning Meeting Activity Slides – Volume 1

Morning Meeting Activity Slides – Volume 2

Morning Meeting Activity Slides – BUNDLE

Themed Morning Meeting Activity Slides – BUNDLE

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Photo of example of Free Morning Meeting Activities - Picture of Story Starter

If you’d like to try a sample of my Morning Meeting Activity Slides, I have a free week for you to try HERE. This FREE week includes 5 different activities to give you a taste of the Morning Meeting Fun. CLICK HERE TO GET THIS FREEBIE!

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