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Who loves Amazon? Raise your hand! I’m sure many of you if not all of you reading this right now are raising your hand. Let’s be real – Amazon has made all of our lives easier! You can just point and click and have many wonderful items shipped right to your front door!

With the new school year upon us I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 10 Amazon items that every teacher should have. I also have a storefront on Amazon that you can shop for supplies, books, and more!

Amazon Item #1 – Wireless Doorbell

The wireless doorbell has been a classroom management lifesaver for me. I use the doorbell to signal transitions, get the classes attention, and more. It comes with many different tones so you can change it up!

Picture of a white wireless doorbell from Amazon.

Amazon Item #2 – Flair Pens

I know teachers are either Team Flair Pen or Team Ink Joy and I am Team Flair Pen all the way! They are my coveted pens that I love using for grading, planning, and more. They come in so many different colors and even different sizes.

Picture of Paper Mate Flair Pens.

Amazon Item #3 – Crayola Markers

I love using Crayola Markers to create my anchor charts. They have so many different colors to choose from and this large pack from Amazon is great for color coordinating your charts.

Picture of 40 Crayola Markers pack.

Amazon Item #4 – PaperPro Stapler

This is the absolute best stapler I have ever had. This stapler is so smooth and works wonderfully on bulletin boards. This is the type of stapler that I put my name on so that people don’t steal it!

Picture of Black PaperPro Stapler

Amazon Item #5 – Magnetic Staple Remover

I had been searching for a good staple remover for a long time. The cheap ones and pincher ones never quite removed things in a safe manner. This staple remover though is amazing! It can remove things from the walls easily and keeps the papers safe!

Picture of 4 blue staple removers.

Amazon Item #6 – Scotch Laminator

I know most schools have a laminator, but having one at home makes things easier. It’s nice to be able to laminate things whenever I want and I don’t have to wait in line or wait for the lamination to be refilled. I’ve had one of these for a few years and it is awesome for laminating games, task cards, bulletin board letters, and more.

Picture of a Scotch Laminator.

Amazon Item #7 – Sterilite Bins

I love bins. Tall bins, small bins, clear bins, colored bins – I just love bins! These bins here are ones I bought two years ago to house my mentor texts. I love that they have a latch so that the lid really does stay on! These are great for mentor texts, organizing stations, storing games and activities, and more.

Picture of clear Sterilite bin.

Amazon Item #8 – Sit Spots

Sit Spots are another one of my favorite teacher items. I had used a classroom rug for many years, but Sit Spots make it so easy to create specific spots in your classroom wherever you want! See more about why I love Sit Spots – HERE.

Picture of colorful Sit Spots.

Amazon Item #9 – X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener

This is THE pencil sharpener! I’ve had this sharpener at every school and it lasts! Some pencil sharpeners can’t hold up to the heavy duty needs of a classroom, but this one can.

Picture of blue pencil sharpener.

Amazon Item #10 – BONAOK Wireless Microphone

I know these are all the rage right now and I totally see why! The microphone is a fun addition to your classroom and can make any lesson engaging. I love having students use it during Morning Meeting share and presentations.

Picture of black and gold microphone.

Thank you for checking out my Amazon Teacher Must-Haves. Comment below and let me know about your favorite Amazon goodies for the classroom.

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